5Sang14 About

In 2012, 5 childhood friends chose to form a collective of independent rappers, the 5Sang14. The fraternal bond that unites them is thus affirmed - and subtly links to the area code of Montreal, of which they represent today with freshness the multicultural identity of its youth.

In 2017, they decided to release Cerbère, their first joint mixtape. This marks a passage in the confirmation of these young talents as a collective.

Since then, Lost, MB, White-B, Gaza and Random have not only benefited from the infallible support of the collective for each of their respective projects, but also from a growing enthusiasm from fans who, in June 2018, did not kept waiting to fill Club Soda without any promotional or media support.

The 5Sang14 team now has more than 48 million views on YouTube.

5Sang14 Albums

5/5 5/5 5Sang14 Released May 3, 2019 3 6