8mm About

Rock band founded by superstar producer/mixer multi-instrumentalist Sean Beavan and his multi-talented wife, Juliette Beavan, 8mm (pron. “eight millimeter”), were one of the first bands to embrace DIY and strategic licensing.

They quickly became championed by luminaries such as Nic Harcourt, Geoff Boucher, Kevin Bronson, Jason Pettigrew and Antiquiet.

One of the most licensed bands in the industry (“Underworld: Awakening”, “Dirty Little Liars”, “Mistresses”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Nip Tuck”, “Nikita”, “One Tree Hill”, “Shark”, “Cold Case”, “Moonlight”, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” etc.), their powerful live performances and intriguing videos have earned them an ever-increasing hardcore following.

8mm Albums

Heart-Shaped Hell Heart-Shaped Hell 8mm Released February 22, 2019 3 9
Songs to Love and Die By Songs to Love and Die By 8mm Released September 26, 2006 3 8
Opener EP Opener EP 8mm Released May 31, 2005 2 8