Aftrprty About

Aftrprty is a hip-hop/R&B duo from Toronto, Ontario comprised of producer/singer SaintLaurentSav and rapper/singer Taz. They are affiliated with the Toronto club scene as well as the Orange Lounge studio, where their debut EP, The Aftrprty, was mixed down and mastered.

The duo came together as a result of the two of them working on music together after becoming friends through their college party scene.

20+ Performances later and Aftrprty has finally dropped their long awaited EP “The Aftrprty”. On this project, Aftrptry explored themes like drugs, new money and fake people in their circle.

With standout performances under their belt such as being the official opener for Migos' “Culture” after party, as well as endorsement from the Toronto club scene, Aftrprty is poised to become one of the hottest budding artists coming out of Toronto in 2019.

Aftrprty Albums

The Aftrprty EP The Aftrprty EP Aftrprty Released November 23, 2018 7 61