AL (FRA) About

After a group experience with the Asocial Club project, surrounded by Casey, Prodige, Vîrus and dj Kozi, who gave birth to one of the best rap albums of 2015 and touring all over France, Al returns solo for his third album “Le Pays des Lumières”.
“The album of maturity”, this “catch-all” formula, dear to artists who seek to relaunch a career, is not valid for Al, so much this maturity is present, since his first pieces, “The lions live dans la brousse "on Opération Freestyle by Cut Killer or on Fabe's album" Détournement de son "with" Correspondance ".
There followed a journey in the underground punctuated by the release of projects on his label Matière Première, mixtapes, participation in projects with Rumeur, Casey and above all, where he is most comfortable: a very large number of stages throughout France, Switzerland, Belgium…
Then 2008 was the year that saw the release of his 1st album! The texts, engaged, of AL, explore and describe without concession the daily life of the young people of the districts, of their confinement in the city ("Les Frontières Du Béton"), also deal with the place of immigrants in France ("Le Destin des Immigrés "), Of its origins (" Mes Racines Me Guident ") ... 16 mature and natural tracks, where" bling bling "and pretenses have no place and which has fully satisfied the followers of this alternative rap.
Between 2009 and 2011, it is on the stages of France that we find AL to defend his album and accompany Casey on his "Free the beast Tour" tour
At the same time, the Matière Première site is putting online a retrospective of 50 AL titles, for free download on (more than 10,000 downloads to date).
2012 marks his comeback on record with the release of his 2nd album "Terminal 3",
introspection is still developed there through “All alone” or “Scar” and titles such as “Not born innocent”, “Terminal 3”, or “Self defense”, which refer to an enlightened observation of our dark society.
November 20, 2015: Release of the third solo album “Le pays des lumière”…