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Alessandro “Alecs” Fedele (Santa Margherita Ligure, 1969) is an Italian singer-songwriter, member of Morale.

At a very young age, he leaves his family to move to Milan, where he participates in various projects as an author and songwriter. In 2004 he founded Morale together with Moreno Agnella, a Milanese singer, dedicating himself mainly to live performances. Alecs is the author of lyrics and music as well as acoustic guitar and second voice. The duo expands with the arrival in 2011 of Stefano Leonardi (electric guitar) and in 2012 of Igor Congedo (violin).

From the bio of the official website: "Alessandro Fedele's long work leads him to a systematic display of his musical ideas in a" author's pop "project. The idea of ​​approaching Moreno Agnella stems from a ten-year collaboration in various musical projects with the participation of various musicians. The group's aim is to establish a link between pop music and a continuous search for new sounds, to achieve its own specificity. It is true that, even if the search for style is constantly in progress, the salient features of Morale are distinctly recognizable, in particular in the use of harmonic, instrumental and vocal mixes. The urgency to find one's own way of giving oneself to life and to the world leads, in the lyrics of Morale, to imagine possible perspectives to become aware of what one is and one's responsibilities. The main themes of the texts revolve around respect for nature in all its forms, the happiness given by love, the abyss of abandonment, the "social" masks as opposed to the need for authentic sociality. The almost intimate work on Alessandro's lyrics has its counterpart in a harmonious research aimed at doing justice to the ear, which amiably "amateurishly" unfold in dense atmospheres on an emotional level. "

At the same time he cultivates an independent solo project, with the collaboration of Valentina Bona and the Svander Music Studio, which resulted in the publication of Serena Tormenta (2015), her first album of unreleased tracks.

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Serena Tormenta Serena Tormenta Alecs Fedele Released January 29, 2015 5 6