Algora About

Algora is the project of the musician Víctor Algora.

His first two demos, 'Planes de verano' and 'Cosas del Star System' are winners and finalists in some demo contest and after several months of concerts, his first work is released: a promotional EP produced by Jose Luis Macías , which would already include the versions of two of his most acclaimed songs: 'Summer Plans' and 'Mr High Heels'.

In 2006 he definitively signed with the label Dress For Excess, which is in charge of editing and promoting his first album ‘Planes De Verano’ (2007) in which he collaborates, among others, Florent de Los Planetas

In 2010, Javier Castellanos, Nacho Carpejo and Rafa Casquel joined the project, and their second album, 'Galimatías', an album based on guitars, was released, where the electronics went to a more ornamental plane, and the lyrics were They make them more hermetic and intimate, although they continue to highlight potential singles such as '50 Estrellas', 'Escornabois' or' Cocodrilo 'in the collaboration of the duo Corazón.

In 2013, ‘Verbena’ was published with his new label, El Genio Equivocado. The album featured an advance song, ‘La Era Punk’, in which Marina de Klaus & Kinski collaborates.

After this album, and under the pseudonym La Evolución del Hombre Pájaro, he released an album entitled ‘Brief History of the Moon’ in 2015.

Already in 2016, he prepares a new album, which goes on sale in February 2017, financed thanks to a successful crowdfunding and with the title of "Folklore of the Skyscraper".

Algora Albums

Folclore del Rascacielos Folclore del Rascacielos Algora Released February 10, 2017 4 6
Un Extraño Entre las Rosas Un Extraño Entre las Rosas Algora Released February 14, 2020 2 7
Canciones para Grímsey Canciones para Grímsey Algora Released April 27, 2018 1 4
Breve historia de la luna Breve historia de la luna Algora Released March 2, 2015 3 7