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Ali A.K.A. MIND About

Ali Rey Montoya better known as ALI aka MIND is an independent rapper (MC and producer) born in the city of Bogotá-Colombia.

His music is influenced by multiple genres from the American rap of Boot Camp Click to the boleros of Julio Jaramillo, from the ideas of Eloy Alfaro, to the poetry of Atahualpa Yupanqui. His inspiration stems from the realities of his life that he passionately captures in each of his songs with a message of social conscience, the sensitivity with which he perceives the world around him encourages him to translate his feelings into songs of rap.

ALI began his career in the city of Bogotá as MC and independent producer, he decided to form the group Capital Special together with Addy-S, with which he released the self-edited demo (album) “El Arte de la Calle”. < / p>

In 2006, he left Colombia and in this same year he presented his first material as a soloist, the single “Vivimos en Guerra”.

In 2008 he presented his debut album as a soloist entitled “Rap Conciencia”, a work with a great content of social conscience that compiles his vision of a culturally diverse Latin America. This album has collaborations with artists from the United States, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and El Salvador.

For 2010 he presented a new single with a video clip called “Sigo en la mía” with DJ Akrylik, in 2011 he released a new video clip called “Señor papel” both made by Victory productions and under the direction of Fabricio Martín.

In 2012 he released his second album entitled "Palabras del Alma", a work full of poetry and lyrics dedicated to his roots, this work has as a promotional single the theme entitled "Hoy quiero confesarles." The video for this song was filmed in Buenos Aires Argentina under the direction of Javier Espitia - Malpelo Films.

Before the end of 2012, the video clip "Excuse me" comes to light from the hand of Jonathan Jones, second single, also included in said album.

In 2013 he participates as the soundtrack in the short film “An Opportunity” and from which the video clip of the same name emerges. During the first semester of 2013 he released the unpublished song “Afortunado” in acoustic version with a video clip, shot in Bogotá in the company of Lianna, Sebastian Panesso and Catalejo Films. Later, he released the video clip for the song “Mi Raíz” by Oro Producciones.
Also during 2013 he embarked on his tour called “Latinoame-Rica” touring parts of Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador.

For the second semester of 2013 he ventures through the cities of his native Colombia, within the framework of a tour that he names “De Rolis Por mi Raíz”, with which he performs 10 shows in different cities.

In 2014 he was invited to close the Galeras Rock international festival in Pasto, Colombia and presented his show in some cities of Argentina and Ecuador.

In October of the same year he released his third solo album called "Mestizo", this album is a combination of songs, some made by beat-makers, and others made from played musical instruments. “Deja” was the first single with an advanced video clip of this production, directed by Luis J. Celedón - Malpelo Films & Naiz Films.

Ali was also invited to celebrate 18 years of the Festi ...

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