Alkpote & Butter Bullets About

La Ténébreuse Musique is the merger of the group Butter Bullets (composed of beatmaker Dela and MC Sidi Sid) and rapper Alkpote.

In 2015, a joint album project between Alkpote and Butter Bullets, called Ténébreuse Musique, saw the light of day, following crowdfunding.

Announced for the end of 2015, it leaked onto the internet on December 31, after a short 25-minute “trailer” film, which appeared on Vimeo a few days earlier.

This collaboration finally appears to be rather logical, given the reciprocal universes of the two artists. Alk 'he himself said, in an interview given to Blavog in June 2014:

I love Sidisid. Frankly we could have made a band with this guy. I have more in common with Sidisid than I have with Katana!

The latter being his friend in the Unit 2 fire group.

Alkpote & Butter Bullets Albums