Alvaro Soler About

Álvaro Tauchert Soler, known simply as Alvaro Soler, is a Spanish German singer, born on January 9, 1991 in Barcelona.

He started his music career as part of the band Urban Lights. In 2014, he left the group and began his solo career.

In 2015, he released the single "The Same Sun" and it began to gain popularity. After the release of his debut album Eterno Agosto in 2015, he released “Sofia”. He became famous with those songs, winning several awards. “La Cintura”, released in 2018, is his best success and won “Sommerhit 2018” at the German Radio Regenbogen Awards.

Soler can speak several languages ​​and lived in Japan for seven years: the video for his single “Loca”, released at the beginning of 2019, was recorded in Tokyo.

Alvaro Soler Albums

Mar de Colores Mar de Colores Alvaro Soler Released September 7, 2018 4 9
Eterno Agosto Eterno Agosto Alvaro Soler Released June 26, 2015 12 10