Apio Moro About

Hailing from the great rock of Eastern Uganda in Tororo, Apio Moro is an afro-soul singer/song-writer who inspires continuous self-discovery and acceptance of self through her music. Through her life long relationship with music, Apio has held a fascination with how music empowers people to tell their stories. Her messages of love and celebrations of victory are delivered in Dhopadhola with a touch of English and Luganda.

At 18, she began her professional journey as a singer-songwriter focusing on her story of accepting herself as a woman with her debut single “Ndi Mukyala” (I Am A Woman). In 2017, Apio graced the infamous Blankets and Wine stage landing acclaim from Ugandan media Big Eye “She doesn’t just promise to take you on an emotional musical roller coaster, she will carry you there and land you safely, quenching all your doubts and leaving you in total satisfaction wishing she never stops singing.”

Following more performances at So Far Kampala, Fete de la Musique, and Bayimba Festival, Apio self-released her debut EP, Chuny Adech, meaning half of my soul. Her soulful sound connected her with Multi-Grammy award winner Joss Stone in early 2018 to record one of Apio’s songs “Pariye” (Think About) together. Making a regional name for herself, Apio performed in Nairobi at The Guitar Festival Nairobi and in Kigali at Ubuntu Soul Sessions.

In March 2019, Apio launched her new album “Choore” (Move Closer) with a listening party at The Square to celebrate her re-dicovered self. “Choore” features 8 tracks in a mixture of Japadhola, English, Luganda, and Kinyarwanda and was produced by Vincent Othieno based in Washington D.C. Following the well-received feedback from her album, Apio performed at DOADOA East African Performing Arts Market in May 2019.

Apio Moro Albums

Chuny Adech EP Chuny Adech EP Apio Moro Released May 13, 2017 4 26