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Arnaldo Tifu About

Arnaldo Tifu knew Rap music from a very young age, even when he was just a child, it happened when he was 9 years old.
The first memory of having heard the first RAP was on the street of his house, in the Condomínio Maracanã neighborhood, located on the outskirts of Santo André, and the music he played was nothing less than “Girl Names” from
Rapper Pepeu. Arnaldo Tifu has become a reference in Hip Hop culture, and standing out in the music scene for having an authentic style, his compositions differ by approaching themes not very present in the Rap music style, and his Rap has a very strong presence of Brazilian culture, with the influence of cordel literature,
Suddenly, samba and embolada, Arnaldo Tifu manages to reach new fans. With a broad vision regarding art, it uses this means of expression and communication to educate through Urban Poetry workshops,
Lectures, Workshops, Debates, etc.

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