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Aynine was born in Reims il 21 years ago. Coming from a family of Algerian origin, she has been rocked since childhood by raï and Berber songs.

Aynine tried very quickly at composition, and even at hip hop dance, which she learned for a year. She took part in two song competitions organized by the MJC which she won.

She takes her first stage at age 14 to perform Wallen's song “Donna”. The same year, she recorded her first title "Up to the Top" at the Reims Conservatory.

Aynine draws her inspiration from the "street" world, opening up to influences from the US, Ciara, Brandy, Kery Hilson and not denying the sounds that rocked her adolescence.

Between hip hop, RnB and personal touches, she shapes her style. It was this development that led her to collaborate with rapper L.E.C.K on the track "Where's My Boy?" She relies on Twitter or Facebook to meet her audiences and preview her videos.

Author, composer, performer, Aynine offers us a musical universe that is at once alive, touching and very colorful.

His first single "Oh Man" is currently available digitally on all download platforms (iTunes, VirginMega, Etc ..)

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Aynine Aynine Aynine Released January 13, 2017 1 9

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