Bender (Battle Rapper) About

Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on July 19, 1980, Bender (real name Alex Buchanan) was a battle rapper and former King of the Dot champion, as well as an MC and producer for his group Flight Distance.
As a battler, he was best known for his 2011 match against Illmaculate, and his 2011 title match, where he was victorious against fellow MC/battler Arcane.
When he wasn’t rapping or battling, Bender also liked to paint. He specialized in making custom portraits of celebrities, from MF DOOM to Malala Yousafzai, from J. Cole to Jerry Seinfeld, and posting them to Tumblr.

On March 1, 2018, Bender passed away in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, at the age of 37.

R.I.P Bender. Your legacy will live on forever.

Below is a list of Bender’s battles:
Bender vs. Baracuda (11-15-2009)
Bender vs. Scott Free (2-13-2010)
Skelly vs. Bender (3-15-2010)
Bender vs. Miracle (6-12-2010)
Bender vs. Aftershock (7-15-2010)^
Bender vs. 24/7 (8-6-2010)
Kid Twist & poRICH vs. Loe Pesci & Bender (12-4-2010)
Bender vs. Arcane (1-22-2011)
Bender vs. Arkaic (2-26-2011)
Bender vs. Sketch Menace (6-18-2011)
Illmaculate vs. Bender (8-5-2011)
Bender vs. Syd Vicious (6-9-2012)
Loe Pesci vs. Bender (8-11-2012)
Protege vs. Bender (4-26-2013)
Dirt vs. Bender (9-13-2013)
Cruger & Eurgh vs. Loe Pesci & Bender (11-9-2013)
Bamalam vs. Bender (11-10-2013)
Bender vs. Big T (4-19-2014)
Bender vs. The Saurus (1-21-2015)
Bender vs. Soul (8-21-2015)
Tumi vs. Bender (10-23-2015)
Bender vs. Fredo (7-23-2016)
Bender vs. Pnut (11-12-2016)
Frankie Phraser vs. Bender (10-8-2017)

^ Denotes that the official date is not known for this battle, so the listing is based off the YouTube release date.