Blake Da Burner About

Blake Da Burner was born and raised in Virginia . He’s always loved music.He started writing at a time when hip-hop was still real,1994! Who inspired him the most was KRS ONE. IN 2001 He wrote his first album called W.B. it was produced by a artist named Wan.He meet him at a RUFF RIDERS HIP-HOP CONTEST in Norfolk VA. My favorite local radio station 103 JAMS were having open mic with DJ BEE so I rock the mic and got heard by a HARLEM,NY A&R name LEX that knew PRODUCER ROMEO KNIGHTS Black Solaris Entertainment FROM THE BOGGY BOY so he recorded a album called THE FURNISH in 2004.IN 2005 Blake DA Burner move from VA to PA and meet a artist named BOMBER THE MONSTER and we did two albums called 321 and NEYPALM. Blake wanted air play on the radio so his wife introduced his to DJ BIG MAULIK who was working at a radio station HOT 99.5 in PA. So he played the CD and he loved it and played it on the radio but in the mix of all that BLAKE DA BURNER AND BOMBER was pushing there Cd’s out the trunk.They walked in a radio shack and gave a CD to the worker there and she knew a COLLAGE DJ WUGGY ON SATELLITE RADIO who played them at the same time DJ BIG MAULIK was. One year later BLAKE DA BURNER moved back to VA and bumps into WAN recorded three more albums called FROM DA HEART,LEGEND,AND L-OF & HA-8. In 2013 he continued promoting the L-OF & HA-8 MIX-TAPE HOSTED BY DJ BIG MAULIK OWNER OF FLOOD-WATCH. Right now thanks to DJ BIG MAULIK BLAKE DA BURNER is working with WU TANG CLAN member [HELL-RAZAH] FROM SONS OF MAN. He Has also recently dropped two SINGLES (SPIDER MANN) IN 2017 AND (MY DIAMOND) IN 2018.