Blank Body About

Carter Mullin, professionally known as Blank Body, is an electronic music producer hailing from Sacramento, California, known for his solo work, which stretches back all the way to 2014, and for working with numerous high-profile underground artists, such as Night Lovell, Bladee, Sybyr, Bill $aber, Adamn Killa, and more.

Mullin started production back under the name Bine☃ in 2012, when he was first introduced to the DAW FL Studio. He has stated he was influenced by 90’s punk bands, 2000’s era pop music (namely Hilary Duff), old electronic and ambient musicians (notably the duo Autechre, whose song “Bine” most likely served as inspiration for Mullin’s initial alias), along with rap groups like Three 6 Mafia. After 2 years, he released his debut record, IT HURTS 2 INHALE, releasing it February 2nd, 2014, and following it up 5 months later with THINGS WILL BE BETTER FROM NOW ON. He had also been prominently working with Night Lovell at the time, having produced 4 songs off of Lovell’s debut album Concept Vague, along with teaming up with Adamn Killa and releasing a collab project, Libra Season

Around 2015, he proceeded to change his name from bine to Blank Body, which he clarified in his interview was inspired by a school assignment in which his body paragraph was empty, or “blank”, which he related back to his appearance:

I’m pretty like, boring-looking, I guess that’s why I don’t show pictures of myself, cause I’m pretty blank".

Along with a name change, his new material showed his change into a more experimental and electronic approach to trap, and proceeding to work more often with Night Lovell and Adamn Killa, alongside other rappers such as Sybyr and Bill $aber. This notably led to EXPLICIT DELUXE, his 3rd overall project, featuring him at his most distinct. He has kept releasing projects since then, such as his technical 4th album EASY PREY, the more experimental and serene ISOLATER Ep, and the ambient and detailed Heart OST, which has garnered him praise by multiple sites like Pigeons and Planes and HotNewHipHop.

His production style, described by Pigeons and Planes as “beautiful all the way to apocalyptic”, is known for its combination of trap-style drums, and his very distinct approach to electronic melodies, occasionally incorporating other elements of music such as Vaporwave, IDM, Dubstep, Pop and more. Blank Body notably uses a “pitched-string” technique, taking violins and other string-based instruments and pitching them up into an extremely distinct sound. His music’s mixing also experiments by going towards either a super clean, hard-hitting mix, or going to a much more Lo-Fi direction, often making use of extreme bit-crushing.

He is a member of multiple music groups, such as being one-half of the production duo Tish Vair, alongside electronic producer Linquency, along with being in electronic duo GEM INDEX and the punk duo free refills, both of which feature Liz of SPF420.

Blank Body Albums

2014-2019 2014-2019 Blank Body Released January 29, 2021 12 11
Act 3: The Heart Act 3: The Heart Blank Body Released April 29, 2017 5 12
ISOLATOR ISOLATOR Blank Body Released March 27, 2017 2 5
EASY PREY EASY PREY Blank Body Released September 27, 2016 6 8
EXPLICIT DELUXE EXPLICIT DELUXE Blank Body Released July 17, 2015 6 6