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Labeling himself as a “country, ghetto poet,” Bohagon (born Cedric Leonard) was singled out by the king of crunk, Lil Jon, as a promising Southern rap artist in the late ‘90s. While Lil Jon was an A&R for Atlanta’s So So Def Records, he tapped into Bohagon to do a track each for two bass compilations: “Uh Uhh” for So So Def Bass All-Stars, Vol. 2 in 1997 and the regional anthem “Drop Dem Boes” for the third volume in 1998. Deciding to move forward with his career, he moved from his small hometown of Talbotton, GA, to Atlanta around the same time these compilations were released, and Lil Jon eventually signed Bohagon to his BME Recordings imprint. By the mid-2000s, Bohagon had built up his own record label, Georgia Durt, where he serves as co-CEO with partner Playboy Tre. The label’s first release was the Georgia Durt compilation in August 2005. By that time, Bohagon had joined Eminem’s Anger Management 3 tour, visiting over 50 cities around the world. Moreover, he was also in the midst of gathering his solo effort together, marked by the hit 2006 single “Wuz Up,” produced by Lil Jon. Sundays at the Bootlegger, his purported solo debut, was first slated for a summer 2006 release but was delayed indefinitely.

Born Cedrick Leonard in Talbotton Georgia. Bohagon came into the hip hop game in 97 via so so def recordings hooking up with lil jon while jon was a a&r at the label. His first professional song was a song called “unn huh” on the so so def bass allstarts vol 2 that went on to sell 500,000 albums. He returned the next year for volume 3 with a song called “drop them boes” featuring lil jon and the eastside boyz. He would remain under Lil jon’s wing for the next 10 years producing and writing behind the scene. Notably writing the chorus for lil jon and the Youngbloodz worldwide anthem “Dam” which reached number 1 on the r&b and Hip hop charts.

He remained working diligently behind the scenes and being a team player until he finally would receive his breakthrough solo stardom by guest appearing on the 2003 underground smash “Get Crunk” which remains a mainstay in clubs all throughout the southern region. While still under Jon’s label he formed a partnership with Attic Crew rapper “Playboy Tre”, acquiring a studio and an independent label called “Georgia Durt” that would go on to release independent projects such as “playboy tre and bohagon presents the Georgia durt compilation” which dropped in 2005. All the while still bein on BME and still participating in national projects such as bubba sparxxx “Dark Days and Bright Nights” album, Lil scrappy and Trillville’s debut double album, Lil Scrappy solo album “Born 2 die bred to Live” e40 bme project, and the Hustle and Flow soundtrack, and also What It iz featuring Yo Gotti. In 2005 Hagon and the Bme Allstars set out on the Anger Management tour which included 50 cent, G unit, Eminem and Shady records and a who’s who of industry behemoths. The tour consisted of 52 shows in 55 days and included an overseas run that went thru australia.

After bein on bme for 10 years and never releasing a solo album, bohagon and the label amicably decided to part ways resulting in a short lived stint with Cyber Sapp and Black Cartel that produced the “Crunk in HD” project released in 2008. In 2009 Hagon linked up with Korleon and started the Southern Ambassadors franchise which has produced countless mixtape albums, the most highly acclaimed being “luxury tax” wit dj drama. Also producing an assortment of solo mixtapes including “2 city shawty” “Victory Lap” “Power Move” and a host of others. He’s currently in the process of releasing the “Extra Gramz Vol 1” mixtape and working on his upcoming solo mixtape “Hagonomics”

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