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Bozz Music is the German record label of the Frankfurt rapper Azad, which is based in Frankfurt am Main.

The label was founded in 2004 by the Frankfurt rapper Azad as its own sub-label within the Universal Music label group after he switched from Pelham Power Productions (3P) to Universal URBAN.

The label made headlines for the first time at the MTV Hip-Hop Open festival in Stuttgart in 2004 when there was a tangible argument in the backstage area between artists from the Bozz Music Label and Aggro Berlin. In the same year, the first label sampler was released with “Bozz Music Volume 1”.

The label made further headlines with the publication of "Der Bozz" towards the end of 2005. The Federal Testing Office for Media Harmful to Young People declared in the Federal Gazette of December 31, 2005 the classification of songs No. 8 "Judgment Day" and No. 10 “Blackout” as “brutalizing” and “glorifying violence”. The album was re-released on December 8, 2006 in the form of an STI remix album. The indexed titles were identified by “Frankfurt mit Warheit” and “A.Z. Pitbull vs. Shmok Muzik "replaced.

In 2006, the label signed hip-hop producer Benny Blanco and expanded its team of producers after signing the previous producers Sti, Martelli, M3 & Noyd and Brisk Fingaz. In addition to Benny Blanco, the rapper Yassir was also signed.

In 2008 Jonesmann left the label to start his own with the name Echte Musik. Also in the same year, Bozz Music's contract with Universal URBAN expired. Future publications should appear in cooperation with Groove Attack GmbH.

In 2009 the label's current artists, apart from Azad, were only 439 and Jeyz. In the same year Bozz Music released Azad's first mixtape, “Azphalt Inferno”, followed by the sixth solo album “Assassin”.

Due to the poor financial situation, Azad announced in October 2009 that Bozz Music would be closed. After a long break, the album "Leben II" was released on the label in 2016.



Azad CALO (since 2017) Erabi (since 2019)


Benny Blanco Narrow paths Martelli M3 & Noyd Sti

Former artists:

animus Chaker Jeyz (2004-2018) Sezai Yassir 439 (SOLO439 and Hanybal)

Bozz Music Albums

Bozz Music Volume One Bozz Music Volume One Bozz Music Released November 22, 2004 1 7

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