Chase Heinze About

Chase Heinze is a rhythm and blues recording artist on the rise based in Santa Ana, California. Chase Heinze was born on April 17, 1990 in a quite household with his mother, father and brother in California. His family was quite small (consisting of only ten members) and Chase remembers his passion for music stemming from his own passions for singing. His mother helped peak that passion as he remembers her love for oldies and r&b music (which was his first exposure to the culture).

His life changed at the young age of nine, when his mother and father divorced leaving his family broken until he reached the age of 18. At just 18 years of age, Chase became more of a rebel and was unfortunately kicked out of his mothers home and began his journey to find himself and become a man. Though he lived a life of struggle, Chase found peace through writing and recording his own music. His songs became his diary and to this day Chase continues to create music based on personal experiences and things he has gone through in life.

Chase Heinze Albums

#FUFN #FUFN Chase Heinze Released April 15, 2017 1 4
Money x Time (Mixtape) Money x Time (Mixtape) Chase Heinze Released January 11, 2017 1 9
Summertime Thing Summertime Thing Chase Heinze Released July 28, 2016 1 7
Songs About Her Songs About Her Chase Heinze Released April 26, 2016 1 2