CIaudio About

Born in Newark, N.J. Claudio has teamed up with Belleville N.J. local and high school best friend Smitty Coño to create a set list of two focused crafts, Smitty Coño mastering the production of the entire track, and Claudio delivering lyrics to match that same energy. In college venues Claudio uses his minor in creative writing as an asset with witty play on words and concepts relatively controversial within his lyricism. What makes Cláudio stand out is his versatility demonstrated in his latest EP “Act 1”. Tracks like “Jalopy” featuring Kodo prove that the Spanish American artist Claudio can deliver back to back Spanish and English versus effortlessly. Flows and melodies appear to have started naturally with this duo as Smitty Coño and Claudio continue to deliver quality music to the masses.

CIaudio Albums

Act 1 Act 1 CIaudio Released October 25, 2018 3 11