CinoS About


Cinos, from Atlanta GA, is currently an independent artist under the 13th Order. In earnest, Cinos started out a tortured soul who felt shunned to the outskirts of society. His refusal to conform to mainstream ideologies he didn’t believe in led him astray to the darkest of shadows. At his lowest point, he was found and chosen by the council of 13 to pursue the “Atlas Agenda”. During his spiritual trials, they notice his gift for music and allowed him to rediscover himself through his craft. Born again under the black sun, Cinos emerged stronger than ever ready to pursue his cause through music. His music though categorized as “dark & chaotic” has struck the hearts of many with profound lyrics and emotional yet spiritual tones. Within a few months’ time his popularity escalated as he quickly became one the underground’s most controversial artists today. Speaking on God, religion, and raw emotions, Cinos has become one of the only few honest voices for a lost generation. As an effect, The 13th Order grows stronger every day as more of lost and uncertain unite together for an ultimate cause. The enlightening process began with his debut mixtape #ChaosControl which was the first major step in his musical discography. He quickly followed that up with his “13” EP which some have said is one the most controversial and deepest mixtapes ever made. He since has released #Chaoscontrol2, his 3rd project in a year’s time.