Codeine Velvet Club About

Codeine Velvet Club was a short lived Scottish alternative act consisting of Jon Lawler, known best for his work with the Scottish rock band The Fratellis, and Lou Hickey.

News of the project emerged in mid 2009, with their first full-length released scheduled for a November 16 release of that same year. However, this date was later pushed back to a December release date, with the official single of “Vanity Kills” being released in late November instead.

The band’s self titled full length and the official single release of “Hollywood / I Am The Resurrection” were both released on Christmas Eve of 2009. Despite the album’s critical success, both it and the accompanying singles failed to chart.

In 2010, Lawler stated that him and Hickey had begun work on a second Codeine Velvet Club album. Despite this, the project was dissolved in favour of the two of them pursuing solo careers.

Codeine Velvet Club Albums