Colle Der Fomento About

Il Colle Der Fomento is a Roman rap group, one of the most influential and popular ever within the Italian scene, formed by rappers Danno and Masito and DJ Baro. Their music is characterized by a hardcore attitude, over the years the sounds of the beats have evolved but always remaining faithful to the original line and to the boom-bap.

A first lineup includes Danno, Masito (then Beffa), Primo and Grandi Numeri under the name FDC (which stands for Facce Da Culo); later Primo and Grandi took their own path by founding Cor Veleno. Colle Der Fomento real was born in 1994 with the meeting between the two rappers and the DJ / producer and rapper of Ostia Ice One (who also has a past as a breaker and writer), already a prominent figure on the Roman scene. and national.

After the release of their first single entitled "Sopra il Colle" and various live performances, in 1996 the trio released their debut album Odio Full, obtaining an excellent response from audiences and critics and is still considered a classic of Italian rap.

In 1999 they published their second work under Virgin Rec. entitled Scienza Double H, whose excerpts (“Vita” and “Il Cielo su Roma”) passed in national rotation on the main broadcasters. In this period Ice One leaves the group, replaced by Dj Baro (dj and Roman breaker).

Between 2000 and 2004 the group does not produce any records, but does not stop collaborating with other artists of the Roman collective Rome Zoo and of the national scene, carrying their show around with live throughout Italy and Europe and opening concerts to international rap stars such as KRS One, Redman, De La Soul and others. In 2006 they took part in the Gli Originali show, in which various rappers and breakers (including Kaos, Turi, Next One) performed accompanied by the orchestra of maestro Franco Micalizzi.

In 2005 the Colle returns with the EP "Più forte delle Bombe", composed of pieces produced by Mr. Phil, which anticipates the real album "Anima e Ghiaccio", which came out in 2007.

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