ComputerHeadGFX About

ComputerHeadGFX is an animator, graphic designer, and video editor known for making 10 second introductions in 2015-2016.

He made his first musical attempts in 2014-2015 with short Dubstep track/demos until in late 2017 where he first released his experimental-electronic album, “The Novation Samples”.

Though his music activity wasn’t that active, he’s starting to post more tracks to his Soundcloud account (which goes under the alias of ‘DemoCxscade’) with demos and a remix track. Not much is known on what is to be released on his account however.

On March 29 2018, he released his debut EP, “A Little Over a Week” containing 2 remixes from the Doki-Doki Literature Club soundtrack, and a short lofidelity-hip hop track.

ComputerHeadGFX Albums

The Novation Samples The Novation Samples ComputerHeadGFX Released September 22, 2017 5 18