Cows About

Cows was a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based noise rock and hardcore punk band formed in 1986 by bassist Kevin Rutmanis (also known for his work with Melvins and Tomahawk). Frontman and vocalist Shannon Selberg joined in 1987.

The band was known for their violently chaotic live shows, where the band would often kick audience members in the front row, spit on the stage, throw microphone stands and food into the crowd, and draw on themselves.

Cows Albums

Sorry in Pig Minor Sorry in Pig Minor Cows Released March 10, 1998 8 37
Orphan’s Tragedy Orphan’s Tragedy Cows Released September 9, 1994 10 44
Sexy Pee Story Sexy Pee Story Cows Released March 23, 1993 11 36
Cunning Stunts Cunning Stunts Cows Released September 9, 1992 9 39
Peacetika Peacetika Cows Released March 15, 1991 7 44
Effete and Impudent Snobs Effete and Impudent Snobs Cows Released March 23, 1990 1 41
Daddy Has a Tail! Daddy Has a Tail! Cows Released July 10, 1989 4 39