Cruachan About

Cruachan was founded in 1992 by Keith Fay, John Fay, and John Clohessy. With a love of Celtic music, history and mythology, they sought to incorporate this into their music and lyrics, on a scale that had never been done before.

Cruachan ‘s original metal style was classed as Black metal, but the band have opened up to other styles of metal and rock, although the black influences are still evident and the whole ethos is still there. Cruachan consider themselves as modern day bards or storytellers. They tell the old Celtic myths and legends of their proud past like the ancient Fili did before them, or the tales of hardship and rebellion that Ireland endured, through the medium of music.

Cruachan Albums

Nine Years of Blood Nine Years of Blood Cruachan Released April 27, 2018 1 11
Blood for the Blood God Blood for the Blood God Cruachan Released December 5, 2014 11 7
Blood on the Black Robe Blood on the Black Robe Cruachan Released April 18, 2011 6 1
Pagan Pagan Cruachan Released April 1, 2004 4 9
Tuatha na Gael Tuatha na Gael Cruachan Released April 30, 1995 4 11