D. Abuz System About

The D. Abuz System is a group of hip-hop artists gathered around Mysta D, dj and music designer, and Abuz M.C and composer. The group includes a duo called Les Spécialistes made up of Tepa and Princess Aniès, and a solo MC by the name of Stor K. The contributions of each artist in the collective, whether musical, lyric, vocal or scenic, bring energy and vitality to the whole group.

The group began its musical activities in the mid-90s, and released in 1996, a first track accompanied by a clip, broadcast on TV: “It happens”. This song with a rather cool atmosphere, but with a “roots” side, brought out the group from the Parisian underground.

Mysta D as an independent producer, will produce in 1997 a major French rap album, L'invincible Armada, on which the most qualitative rappers of the moment are brought together in original and unpublished featurings. We find the M.C’s from the most influential “schools” of the time: Time Bomb, Mafia K'1 Fry with as representatives, among others; Rohff, Oxmo Puccino, 113, Zoxea, Pit Baccardi, Expression Direkt, or Rockin 'Squat.

This compilation which contains several appearances of D. Abuz System or members of the group, will allow the collective to make a leap of notoriety towards a wider audience, and a place firmly anchored in the foundations of French rap. But it is especially the classic track “Gangster Parodie”, which one also finds on a compilation of Cut Killer and which was played on the airwaves of the radios and the specialized emissions, in particular in the “Cut Killer Show” on Skyrock , which greatly contributed to the buzz enjoyed by the group during this period.

Then, in 1999, the band's first and only real album was released under the name of the D. Abuz System: Le Syndikat. Here again this album will mark the history of French rap thanks to a meticulous production, quality tracks, and featurings selected from the best rappers.

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