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DaLua is a rapper and music producer from the city of Campinas, he has been on the hip hop scene since 2005, expanding his work throughout the interior of São Paulo to the big capitals.

It is part of the Zero19 group, which has a partnership with big names in rap, such as Sandrão RZO, being part of the collective “A4DRILHA” in São Paulo, and others, such as the ASTRO GANG project (Curitiba, PR) and their album debut, “Nirvana II”.

DaLua comes with a proposal to mix classic hip hop with the new school of rap, in a mixture that results in a modern work and rich in influences from all types of music.

DaLua Albums

LOreal Mixtape LOreal Mixtape DaLua Released October 19, 2018 4 6
$uperNova Mixtape $uperNova Mixtape DaLua Released September 17, 2017 5 10
Ya$mim Mixtape Ya$mim Mixtape DaLua Released September 7, 2017 1 9
Fre$h Prince Mixtape Fre$h Prince Mixtape DaLua Released August 7, 2017 2 9
Nirvana I Nirvana I DaLua Released February 5, 2017 3 13