Danger Dan About

Danger Dan (real name Daniel Pongratz) is a German rapper, producer, and musician from Aachen.

Besides Panik Panzer and Koljah, he is a member of the antelope gang. Panik Panzer (Tobias Pongratz) is his brother. Another member, NMZS (Jakob Wich), committed suicide in 2013. In Caught in the Crack, the antelope gangster rap parody, he called himself Dan Juan de Marcos.

Before the antelope gang, there was the previous collective Anti-Alles-Aktion, in which, in addition to the four antelopes, a few other MCs took part.

He also played in Sebastian Sturm's band, Jin Jin, for a while. Together with Sturm and Moses Christoph he formed the Cheer Up Trio.