Denitia and Sene About

The genre-bending, Brooklyn-based duo denitia and sene. first crossed paths at The Clubhouse (a.k.a. Club Casa), a commune for artists and musicians located in Brooklyn’s Ditmas Park. At the time, Sene was an aspiring rapper and producer who was looking for a vocalist to sing over his beats, and Denitia had just moved to NYC in hopes of making it big as a singer/songwriter. They joined forces in 2011, and released their debut EP, blah, blah, blah., in 2012.

In 2013, they followed up blah, blah, blah. with the full-length album his and hers. Their distinctively indistinct sound – equal parts R&B, electro-pop, and indie – made waves, and landed the pair a feature in Interview Magazine.

In defining their sound, Sene puts it best: “I think it’s kind of funny that we get described in so many different ways. I’ve never been opposed to the idea of making pop music. Pop is short for popular. You can call it whatever you want, really.”

The duo released their second full-length album, love and noir., in late 2016.