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Omar Souhaili (born in Casablanca, Morocco), known by his stage name Dizzy DROS, is a Moroccan rapper, songwriter and producer. The rapper became known in 2011 with his first single and music video, “Cazafonia”. This track played on Moroccan major radio stations like Hit Radio, Cap Radio, Radio Mars… etc, allowed the rapper to gain popularity being one of the first Moroccan rap songs to reach over 1 million views on YouTube.

Born in Casablanca, Morocco, Dizzy DROS was raised in Bine Lemdoune, a popular neighbourhood in Casablanca. DROS stands for ‘Da Rhymes of Streets’ although he is also known as Mr. Cazafonia. Dizzy DROS started to write songs and to develop his personal style in rap at the age of 17.

For over four years the rapper worked on different demos singles before releasing “Cazafonia”. It was at the beginning of his career that DROS met Khalid Douache (DJ Key), a member of the Moroccan hip hop scene who directed the video “Cazafonia” in 2011.

In September 2013, DROS performed in the music festival L'Boulevard des Jeunes Musiciens. Later on, in December 2013, Dizzy DROS performed in the Centre Culturel Renaissance in Rabat as the invited artist of the project “Fábrica de Rimas”. Dizzy DROS shared stage with the Colombian rappers C15 and the Moroccan rap group H-Kayne.

His first album ‘ 3ando Stylo (33S) was released November 22, 2013. The official release took place at the Instituto Cervantes of Casablanca. The album contains 21 tracks including an intro, an outro and two skits, as well as collaborations with Moroccan rappers such as Muslim, Shayfeen, M-Doc and Would Chaab. The songs of the album dwell on the life of Moroccan urban youth.

3azzy 3ando Stylo is considered by the magazine TelQuel as “one of the best hip hop albums of this ten last years” in Morocco. The magazine Aujourd'hui Le Maroc described Dizzy DROS' rap style as “an impressive flow, an improvisation that flirts with the mastery of words.

Dizzy DROS Albums

Mixtape 3azzy 3ando Stylo Mixtape 3azzy 3ando Stylo Dizzy DROS Released February 2, 2012 3 12