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Doefresh spent his whole life in HuSTLeTown, USA aka St.Louis, MO. Where Having a Job is considered #RARE. Being raised in a single parent household, gave Doefresh alot of freedom to get in trouble and learn the street life early. By the age of 10, Doefresh had already caught juvenile cases like Stealing, and Vandalism. When the young Doefresh wasn’t suspended from school or runnin the streets, he was usually at home watching rap music video’s, (“Back then we was bumpin E-40, Bone Thugs, Eazy E, Dre and Snoop. West Coast had it on lock”-Stated–Doefresh). Moving forward about 5 years later The Teenage DoeFresh Started selling drugs, and Stealing Cars. [ “ Around that time, that was the way of Life, it was normal, all my nigga’s did the same damn thing. At that time we was bumbin Master P and UgK all damn Day. Cash Money had just came out to.—Stated Doefresh ] Listening to Rappers like them Influence him to be an Entrepreneur and get money. Doefresh started taking rap serious at age 15, and never looked back. Being from a City that wasn’t in The Media’s eye for Music, Doefresh decided in his 20’s to Trap until he got he’s Big Break. Doefresh has never had a Record deal. All the Cars, and Jewery came from Trappin. SuperDope Records is a Independent Record label Doefresh Created in 2007. In house Producers include SuperCru (@isupercru) and DJ Keyz.
Prior To DoeFresh’s Mixtape titled ” Coke, Kush, And Mixtapes ! SuperDope Records also Released Doefresh’s underground Mixtape titled “ SuperDope” and SuperCru’s Mixtape titled “ Trap-A-Suars REX.. DoeFresh also own's where there you’ll find some of the streets HOTTEST underground Teeshirts. For more info on Doefresh hit him up at : or @idoefresh on twitter.
Instagram : doctordoefresh
Rap Influences Include:
Master P
Pimp C
3- 6 Mafia
project Pat
Soulja Slim
DJ Screw
Old Cashmoney
Old Nolimt Records
Bio/interview Written By : William Suave

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