Doria Roberts About

Being raised in Philadelphia and based in Atlanta may explain why Doria Roberts so seamlessly melds a certain urban attitude and soul fullness with an easy going, folk accessibility; comfortable and capable alone with an acoustic guitar or in front of an ensemble, Roberts did not even play guitar until her senior year at the University of Pennsylvania as a break from her East Asian studies schoolwork. From this stress release-induced beginning, a songwriter was born. Attaching herself to the musical apron strings of such greats as Nina Simone, Janis Ian, and John Lennon, with a dash of the upstart spirit she admired in Patti Smith and Ani DiFranco, Roberts found her voice as a thoughtful, provocative artist and an additional outlet for her political activism.

Since 1995, has also organized Queerstock, a touring showcase of eclectic gay and lesbian musicians. Add to this the fact that she founded and runs her own independent label, Hurricane Doria Records, and appeared with of the Indigo Girls, Jane Siberry, and DiFrance in the documentary For the Love of Rock, which features women in the world of independent music. Still, she has enough energy and inspiration to write and record heartfelt songs of love and life that leave the listener satisfied, but wanting more.

(Source: Spotify bio)

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