Endymion About

Dutch act from Wateringen. Initially played hardcore/gabber (1997-2013), then hardstyle (since 2014).

The outfit was founded in 1997 and the combined talents of the three members quickly resulted in their first release on Supreme Intelligence Records in 1998.

When DJ Ruffneck founded his new label Enzyme Records, he asked Endymion and Nosferatu to be the figureheads of the label.

In 2013, Endymion desided to part with Enzyme Records and join Neophyte Records. It is on this new label they started to focus more on hardstyle.
Eventually, Endymion abandoned hardcore music completely and fronted the new hardstyle label Nightbreed under the umbrella of Neophyte Records.

Endymion Albums

Three Three Endymion Released June 17, 2011 1 13