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Enzo Savastano was born in Riva del Garda in 1982. At the age of three his family moved to Casapesenna, in the Campania hinterland. Here little Enzo begins to show a certain aptitude for music. In fact, he succeeds in obtaining from his parents the possibility of enrolling in the conservatory. Amazing enfant prodige, he graduated in piano and opera singing at the age of nine. "He is the natural heir of Placido Domingo", will write the Corriere del Mezzogiorno reviewing a charity evening in which Enzo performs. Professionals don't let it slip away. Umberto Smaila invites him to broadcast on Italia 1. The high pitch of "E lucean le stelle" marks the peak of the program's audience. Three months later, a phone call arrives from maestro Jean Francois Latrance, director of the Paris Opera. A thirty million a month contract pushes the Savastano family to invest in Enzo's talent. Paris is overwhelmed by his notoriety. Anyone who claims to applaud his Traviata recited in six different languages. The press takes him in triumph. The public cheers him. In 1998, however, Enzo Savastano's life changed completely. His sister Assunta meets and marries Nicola Tanfo Junior, a big shot of the new melody. The purely playful experiment of merging cultured opera with Neapolitan popular music becomes the key to interpreting a new Enzo Savastano. It is 2006 when the single "Traitor up to a certain point" comes out. The song is immediately a cult. Double platinum record, recording in eleven languages ​​for the foreign market and featuring with Rihanna. Enzo's ascending parable grows more and more. After a tour in Mozambique, Colombia and Northern Europe, Savastano returns to his Naples for the 2011 New Year's concert. 120,000 paying spectators. 5 linked televisions from around the world and the introductory message of Benedict XVI who wishes a good evening under the banner of author music. In 2012 he calls it politics in the person of Luigi De Magistris. But the idyll does not last long. In fact, he will be in office for only fifteen days as Councilor for Culture. Overwhelmed by the bureaucracy, he gives up his job to return to his great passion of all time: music. His disappointments are summarized in the single "Piazza Municipio", which anticipates the latest album Citofonare Savastano, already at the top of the charts. A few months ago he moved to the heart of the Sannio, in Benevento, to look for the inspiration to accompany him towards his next album.

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