Erick Hervé & Yeke Boy About

MoM is that excellent collective from the city of Valencia formed by Yeke Boy, Erick Hervé, DJ Rosvil, N. Bajozero and Alberto Mollà for Elite Films. < / p>

The union arose from the first joint work, their album M.O.M. (2017, Illegal Music). From there, Erick Hervé and Yeke Boyen 2018 decided to join forces again by doing some unpublished to continue distributing good merchandise and form La Dupla Del Este.

As they were releasing new releases on their YouTube channel, the project has been taking shape. In 2019 they ended up forming a team full of professionals specialized in their business. Producers, MC’s and filmmakers forming this MoM (acronym for Music or Money).

At the end of 2019, they released their second reference entitled Baltic with lots of powerful collaborations, as well as the concept of the album. With this second album. Erick Hervé toured Spain with DJ Rosvil.

Erick Hervé & Yeke Boy Albums