Everything is Green About

Everything is Green is a psychedelic pop artist based out of Seaside California who is currently signed to SpaceGang Records.

Everything is Green started as a side project of Nick Pappageorgas who is a founding member and one half of the indie pop band The Dreamer and the Sleeper. Everything is Green has evolved over the years into a more time consuming music project. Pappageorgas now splits time evenly between Everything is Green and The Dreamer and the Sleeper.

Everything is Green began by self-releasing a series of singles along with a b-side. Five singles and five b-sides were recorded, Four were released. Many of these singles eventually ended up as songs on The Dreamer and the Sleeper’s third album Huckleberry. These songs include Your Room, Stay Here, Everything is Green, and Sunlight or Die Tonght.

Durring the summer of 2013 Everythng is Green began working with SpaceGang Records. He was featured on two Spacegang Records compilation albums.

In early 2016 Everything is Green and SpaceGang Records announced they would be releasing his debut album later that year.

On June 13, 2016, Drip Dry was released by Spacegang as the first single from Sweet Teeth, Everything is Green’s debut album. Source: The Burning Ear

In August of 2016 the second single from Sweet Teeth, Totally Sober was released.Source: The Music Ninja

In September of 2016 Sweet Teeth was released by SpaceGang Records in association with Icarus Kids Recordings (Pappageorgas' Independent production company)