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FF5 About

FF5 is an alternative pop/rock group from Atlanta, GA. The band is composed of twin brothers Jacob (vocals) and Joshua Olds (bass/backing vocals). Though 2018 saw the rise of FF5, the band is by no means new to the music industry. The group’s roots can be traced to the early 2000s as Family Force 5 with their older brother Solomon and two friends Nathan Currin and Derek Mount, with all three brothers contributing vocally.

In early 2014, Solomon announced he’d be leaving the group to pursue being a father and husband, but remained a writer for the band, plus writes and produces for other artists. With their older brother leaving a slot empty, Jacob took the role as lead singer leaving behind his role as a drummer, being replaced by Teddy Boldt.

With a new line-up, the band released an album in 2014, which led to a remix collaboration with famous DJ/producer Matoma for their song “This Is My Year”.

The year 2017 hit FF5 hard with their record label inhibiting the new album release along with Currin, Mount, and Boldt all leaving the band. Instead of calling it quits, Jacob and Joshua decided to take the situation and make it into an opportunity for a fresh start for the band. In 2018, the brothers released a taste of their new music in their El Compadre EP, leading with the single “Fire on the Highway”.

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