Fiona Apple About

A late-1990s overnight sensation, singer-songwriter and pianist Fiona Apple was cast as the antidote to packaged pop divettes like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Considering her angst-ridden lyrics and her propensity to shock interviewers, some critics classed her among such provocateurs as Alanis Morissette and Sinéad O'Connor; others, listening to her jazz-tinged, full-throated, accomplished debut, compared her to Laura Nyro and Nina Simone.

Apple signed to Sony Music and released her debut album, Tidal at age 19. The lead single “Criminal” earned Apple a Grammy and a place in the Top Ten, partially due to its controversial music video.

Apple followed up in 1999 with When The Pawn…, whose full title is a 90-word poem inspired by negative feedback on her debut. Extraordinary Machine followed years after, though it experienced some delays.

The Idler Wheel… arrived after a 7-year period of tension and mystery. Its title, reminiscent of When the Pawn…, is a shortened version of a longer poem.

Fiona Apple Albums

The Idler Wheel... The Idler Wheel... Fiona Apple Released June 18, 2012 10 40
Extraordinary Machine Extraordinary Machine Fiona Apple Released October 3, 2005 12 42
When the Pawn... When the Pawn... Fiona Apple Released November 9, 1999 9 43
Tidal Tidal Fiona Apple Released July 23, 1996 9 37