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When I was young, about nine or ten years old, I discovered sound recorder on the old Windows 98 computer that I shared with my siblings. You probably remember sound recorder, it was extremely simple, You could record, playback, speed up, slow down, and reverse audio. I called my brother into our room, and with him standing behind me i played him a short sound clip. it was a hissy, low quality recording of my own voice, “look what i figured out how to do”.

That sounds cheesy, but that’s how it happened, and it fascinated me. My voice, recorded, and then played back at the press of a button.

Throughout middle school and even into high school I began playing with audio recorders whenever I had the chance. I’d record myself talking, whatever was on tv, even parts of my favorite songs so that i could carry them all with me. It felt more personal than cds because I was the one who got to press record, I could manipulate the audio. Sometimes I’d even ditch school with people that I barely knew and record our conversations through mini cassette recorders in my pocket. When I got home I’d play back the day, speed up our voices and laugh at it while laying in bed, It was a part of my own life resting in my hands. It happened, it was real. most of all, it was captured, that, for whatever reason, was everything to me.

My name is Mitch Welling, I’ve been writing words and recording songs under the name flatsound since 2007. my only goal is to create something honest.

Mitch Welling // Flatsound


Flatsound Lyricsby Popularity

1 You Know How to Make a Boy Feel Warm Flatsound 51 2 I Exist I Exist I Exist Flatsound 44 3 You Wrote "Don't Forget" On Your Arm Flatsound 26 4 Learning To Hate You As a Self Defense Mechanism Flatsound 24 5 On the Porch of a Home Built in 1943 Flatsound 24 6 Intro Flatsound 23 7 The Day I Took What Was Yours Flatsound 22 8 You Are the Coffin Flatsound 20 9 I Hope You're Okay Flatsound 19 10 Crowded Parks Flatsound 19 11 Interlude Flatsound 17 12 Lillian Flatsound 17 13 We Haven't Spoken in Years, but Knowing You Felt Like a Dream Flatsound 17 14 Consciousness Flatsound 16 15 Fan Letters Flatsound 16 16 You're A Mess In Public Flatsound 16 17 Scotland, I Wish You Had Stayed Flatsound 15 18 The Art Of Not Thinking About It Flatsound 14 19 Be Yourself Flatsound 13 20 The Night You Drift Passed Flatsound 12 21 When We Met Flatsound 12 22 Lately I've Been Feeling Tired of Everyone I Know Flatsound 11 23 Friends Flatsound 11 24 It's Sunday, April 19th And I Miss You Flatsound 11 25 Somewhere in the Distance, Somewhere Toward the Mountains Flatsound 11 26 I Was Happier With You Flatsound 10 27 Helen, Oh Helen Flatsound 10 28 The Repetitive Nature of Everyday Life Flatsound 10 29 Feb 03, 2012 Flatsound 10 30 I'll Get Over This Flatsound 10 31 I Lost Control (Dusty Cassette Version) Flatsound 10 32 Friends Flatsound 10 33 I’m so Concerned About the Ending That I Don’t Even Know the Plot Flatsound 10 34 A Single Thread Flatsound 10 35 Nothing is Alright Flatsound 10 36 I Don't Remember You Flatsound 9 37 Kurtis, Hunter, Hemingway Flatsound 9 38 Waking Up to The Big Drill Pad Flatsound 9 39 A small list of things that i normally would hide Flatsound 9 40 Too Much Time Flatsound 9 41 I'm Not A Ghost Flatsound 9 42 Coffee Shop Flatsound 9 43 Irreparable Pieces Flatsound 9 44 Morning Sun Flatsound 8 45 Ferris Bueller Flatsound 8 46 Writing Process Flatsound 8 47 Distance Flatsound 8 48 The Act of Holding On and Letting Go Flatsound 8 49 Amber Flatsound 8 50 Stockholm (Jason Isbell Cover) by Brendan Lukens Flatsound 7 51 Fighting a Losing War Flatsound 7 52 You Had a Panic Attack in My Bathroom Flatsound 7 53 You Said Remembering Would Feel Too Much Like Moving Back Home Flatsound 7 54 I Make Boys Cry by Adult Mom Flatsound 6 55 Death 4 My Birthday (Say Anything Cover) by Brendan Lukens Flatsound 6 56 Good Morning Answering Machine Baby Flatsound 6 57 Hurt Me Bad Flatsound 6 58 You Had a Panic Attack in My Bathroom Flatsound 5 59 If You Love Me, Come Clean Flatsound 4 60 I've Been Thinking About You Flatsound 4 61 These Old Clothes Flatsound 4 62 Action Scene Flatsound 3 63 You Were A Home That I Wanted To Grow Up In Flatsound 2 64 The Act of Holding On and Letting Go Flatsound 2