Get Set Go About

Get set go is a band formed in 2003 which consists of, Mike TV (Lead Singer) , Jim Daley (Guitarist), Colin Schlitt (Bass Guitarist) and Eric Summer (Playing Viola.)

Some of their songs like “Wait” and “Sleep” are featured on TV shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Weeds”.

Their most famous album is Ordinary World which it’s songs have a happy-yet-sad vibe with instruments sounding peaceful but having brutal and depressing lyrics such as “I want to hurt you, torture, and desert you, get a hot poker and stick it where the sun don’t shine. Then watch you die” (Die Motherf***er Die) and many similar lyrics. This album was released when Mike TV had a drug addiction references it throughout the album example: I do drugs and buy them too, I like pills that get me some high, I like pills that get me bent (Stay Away)

Most fans are genuinely surprised to find out that they’re still making music today with their latest studio album True Crime Television (As of June 2016) being released in 2015.

It’s hard to pinpoint a genre to this band since every album and EP (So You’ve Ruined Your Life, Ordinary Worlds, Selling Out And Going Home, Loose Tongues, Fury Of Your Lonely Heart, Wicked Hands, Television & Summer, Tumors, The Pleasure Of Being Sad, Here Be Dragons, True Crime Television) different from the last. It can range from pop-punk to indie pop to Neoclassical Pop.

Overall Get Set Go is a constantly-evolving band that you will likely enjoy regardless of type and personal preference.

Today you can find Mike streaming on with a regular schedule multiple days a week. He only plays Get Set Go originals . Catch his streams at