Giovane Feddini About

Giovane Feddini, stage name of Federico Vettore, is an Italian rapper born in 1992, originally from Padua. He was a member of the First Class and Fuori Serie Click crews.

Having approached rap as a teenager, in 2010 he founded the Fuori Serie Click collective with some friends and chose the alias Fed Spartaco. In 2011 he made his debut with the mixtape Fighting Everyday.

After several freestyle competitions (including Mic Tyson) and some collaborative mixtapes (Nuova Scuola 4 con Meno in 2012, Fuori Serie The Mixtape in 2014, L'Alba Di Domani with fellow crew Dogma and Dok in 2015 ), in 2015 he published his first solo project Giovane Per Semper, changing his name to Giovane Feddini (inspired by the novel Il Giovane Holden). In 2017 he released the EP Lince - Il Preludio: La Caccia, entirely produced by Aleaka, and Giovane Per Semper 2.

In April 2018 he published the EP Beatrice and in June of the same year he joined the Dogozilla Empire roster. In 2020 Carnevale di Venezia comes out, his first project by Dogozilla, a prelude to his first official album of the following year, Un Giorno In Meno.

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