​​g.o.d (Korea) About

g.o.d also known as Groove Over Dose is a first generation K-pop boy group. Debuting in 1999, g.o.d is one of the most popular boy groups of the 2000s. They are one of the best selling acts in South Korea and are often regarded as “Nation’s Idols”. They have cemented their fame and legacy by releasing many successful singles and albums.

Even after 20 years in the industry, g.o.d managed to sell 9 million copies of their latest single despite intense competition from their much younger counterparts.

The group is largely known for their “storytelling” lyrical style and signature blend of R&B and rap, but their repertoire also features a diverse array of genres ranging from hip-hop to funk. Unlike their counterparts, g.o.d was not only marketed towards teenagers but also adults.

​​g.o.d (Korea) Albums