Headphones About

Headphones was an electronic indie-rock band from Seattle, Washington, from 2005-2006. The band formed out of singer-songwriter David Bazan’s interest in synthesizers, inspired particularly by the synth sound in The Flaming Lips‘ 1999 album The Soft Bulletin. Other members included Frank Lenz, Nick Peterson, and T.W. Walsh, who also played with Bazan in Pedro The Lion.

Headphones only released a single album, 2005’s eponymous Headphones, which was well received by critics and fans of Pedro The Lion. The accompanying tour, however, fared much worse. In subsequent interviews, Bazan said the tour was a financial disaster, likely due to the difficulty of promoting a band named “Headphones.” Bazan said of the tour: “I wasn’t going to put my wife through that again.” The band disbanded in 2006.

Bazan retained an interest in synthesizers and drum machines, and has incorporated them into his solo releases, particularly the Bazan Monthly series, Blanco, and Care.

Headphones Albums

Headphones Headphones Headphones Released May 10, 2005 4 8