Honey Is Cool About

Honey is Cool was an indie rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden. During the second half of the ‘90s, Honey Is Cool was a constant contender for the pop crown of Sweden, but despite playing at numerous festivals and getting more press than most bands, they never managed to sell very many albums.

The band was formed in 1994 by Karin Dreijer (The Knife, Fever Ray), drummer Johan Hagström, and bass player Staffan Larsson. They were soon complemented by guitarist Anders Göthberg, who soon left the band and was replaced by John Jern.

They recorded a demo which received a lot of attention, giving them gigs at festivals in Emmaboda and Hultsfred, and a deal with Sun Spot. On this label, they released their first EP, Focky Focky No Pay, in 1996. The new drummer on the record was Håkan Hellström from Broder Daniel. The EP was well-received, and deciding to go to a bigger company, Honey Is Cool signed on to MVG and released Crazy Love. This album also got very good reviews but sold little.

Honey Is Cool’s failure to sell, and the record company’s interference in the production of the next album, made the band quit MVG and set up their own label, Rabid Records. Hellström had returned to Broder Daniel, leaving a place for bassist Fredrik Wennerlund. In 1999, keyboard player Carl Larsson left the band for Barusta, being replaced by Dan Lepp, who in turn was replaced by Tina Weibull. An EP in the spring was followed by Early Morning Are You Working in the autumn, again receiving good reviews and poor sales.

The title track from the EP Baby Jane, being a Rod Stewart cover, quickly became a radio hit in 2000. Soon after, Honey Is Cool announced that they would take a break, as Dreijer was busy with new project, The Knife, and Wennerlund with Rockmonster. The decisive factor in this was probably the absence of Dreijer, since they had all along been the undisputed front figure of Honey Is Cool.

The band’s final line-up consisted of Karin Dreijer (vocals, guitar), John Jern (guitar), Staffan Larsson (bass) and Fredrik Wennerlund (drums).