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Horizon Ignited About

HORIZON IGNITED is a Finnish metal band with melodeath, thrash and metalcore influences.
The band was put together in 2017 in Kouvola, Finland by guitarists Vili Vottonen and Johannes Mäkinen.
Back then we had no clear vision about what kind of music we were going to play. It was more like; “lets have some fun, write some songs and let the music do the talking.”
As soon as we wrote the first 3 songs, we were pretty amazed by the results and started to have a clearer vision about the way we were heading.
When our long-term friend, Jiri Vanhatalo, decided to jump behind the drum kit, we decided that we will write a full length album.
Soon after that, we met our bassist Ville Nikander.
Ville joined our rehearsals and it was love at first sight.
We started to think that our music might need a guy behind the keyboards. Again, a long-term friend, Miska Ek reported for duty.
In the beginning of the year 2018, all the writing process was almost done but we still didn’t have any lyrics or even a vocalist.
That’s when we first heard about our singer, Okko Solanterä. All the songs took their final form in the hands of Okko, who wrote almost all lyrics to them and delivered it in the unique sound of his own.
In June 2018, Horizon Ignited started recording their debut album, “AFTER THE STORM”.

Debut can be expected to be released in the beginning of 2019!
Now we are looking forward for our debut release, gigs and other adventures.

The rest lies ahead!

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