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Ikaz Boi, of his first name Zaki, is a French beatmaker, composer and producer of Moroccan origin born October 1, 1990, from La Roche-sur -Yon.

In France, he is known to have produced for 13 Block, Ateyaba (ex Joke), Damso, Hamza, Jazzy Bazz but also Veerus. Across the Atlantic, he collaborates with Adamn Killa, Derek Wise, Vic Mensa but also with Quavo and Travis Scott to name a few. He is also half of the BRNFKD duo which he forms with producer FLOYD SHAKIM.

Arrived at La Roche at the age of twelve-thirteen, it was during this same period that he began to take more and more interest in hip-hop music, starting with West Coast artists. such as Snoop Dogg or Dr. Dre and the album The Chronic: 2001, which he still cites as being his greatest influence. He began to discover a number of artists, including Slum Village, J Dilla or even 50 Cent who would also influence him.

He thus spends his days listening to music in his room, certain records imported from the United States that he rents from the media library, and his interest is in composers.

He confided in an interview with VICE:

The first thing I did when I had a new CD in my possession was to open the booklet to read the names of the producers

Very quickly, whoever wants to be the “new Dre” starts composing after a friend has introduced him to the eJay Groove sequencer to which he will adapt quite easily. A year has passed since he was in La-Roche-sur-Yon, and through mutual friends, he meets a certain Thomas, who also composes music. Over time, this one will become his brother in arms and still is today: it is Myth Syzer.

The young artist continues to compose from his bedroom, migrating from eJay to Reason, although he is not satisfied with it, to then switch to Fruity Loops in 2011, which will be like a revelation. He thus began to place for rappers little known at the time such as Vic Mensa and Chance the Rapper. In France, Veerus was the first rapper he produced, soon followed by Joke, Freeze Corleone and Deen Burbigo. He produced at that time under the name IKAZ, or IkazProd.

For a long time, failing to be and to have been too much influenced, he feels musically lost, without knowing which direction to go. Then in 2014 the track “On est sur les nerves” by Joke was released, which was to be a real springboard for him, a “liberator” according to his own words, allowing him to persevere and to be able to start making a living from his music.

He thus quits his commercial job and leaves to stay in Toronto, Canada on a whim, enjoying the music that is made there. Without any contact, he nevertheless meets Derek Wise, for whom he will produce and allow him to be recognized a little more, in particular by WondaGurl, now a friend, whom he classifies in his “top 3 of the best current producers” .

In 2015, he released two beat-tapes, Ketamine Trap Vol. 1 and Ketamine Trap Vol. 2, respectively on the CUFF and Nowadays Records labels. The following year, signed on Bromance Records with Myth Syzer, they released their joint project Cerebral - EP, comprising four tracks including one featuring with Hamza.

As of 2017, i ...

Ikaz Boi Albums

2090 2090 Ikaz Boi Released March 16, 2020 2 10
Brutal 3 Brutal 3 Ikaz Boi Released November 29, 2019 3 16
Brutal 2 Brutal 2 Ikaz Boi Released September 27, 2019 4 16
Brutal Brutal Ikaz Boi Released June 22, 2018 6 10