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Iñigo Montoya About

The four boys hiding behind this chivalrous name from the film Princess Bride met far away from their native Paris. During a trip on the Niger River, they discover a common passion for artists like Liars, The Bankrupt, Brigitte Fontaine or even Richie Vanderloo and the Electric Kids.

Back in Paris, they decide to produce together a wild and adventurous pop song sung in French. The group, in two years, has not been idle: an Ep mixed by Fred Deces, 4 animation clips, an organized day and prestigious dates (Casino de Paris in the first part of Izia, Rock en Seine, selection of Inouïs of the Printemps de Bourges, Fête de l'Humanité…).

After a few months spent recording new pieces, Inigo Montoya returns in 2017 in video and on stage where he offers a strong and personal visual universe thanks to the colorful and geometric projections of their graphic designer Zeugl.

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