Jason Stephens About

With years of experience under his belt, Jason Stephens is no stranger to the music industry. At this point in his career, the multifaceted artist is now an 11 time award nominee, and 3 time award winning singer, songwriter, producer and engineer. During the early stages of his career, the singer was better known as G-Status, and after years of carrying the name, Jason decided it was time to let the “stage name” go, and embrace the entirety of who he is. Now on a new journey musically, and in life in general, the songwriter is venturing out into different avenues. After successfully starting his record label, Kingdom Music Group, the producer decided to start a production company along with BG Whyte and long time friend E. Dot. After years of producing for artists, Jason felt that it would be a better look if he were able to bring a few producers together to show people unity and that it is indeed possible for producers, who were able to do for themselves, to come together and swallow their pride, all in order to set a bar and be an example in a musical world that thrives on self-sufficiency. Being known for his unique ear and sound, he has also become one of the most sought out audio engineers in the CHH market.

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