Joël Domingos About

Singer, rapper and producer Joël Domingos makes modern pop music with influences from R&B, soul and hip hop; "I don't want to think in boxes anymore and I think that is where my strength lies" describes the singer's oeuvre best. On his new EP "Searching In The Dark Goes Not Lukken Zonder Licht" he flows from candid love songs to danceable Cape Verdean flavors and everything in between, while always remaining unique and characteristic.

In 2017 he made his debut as a solo artist with the Lullaby EP, full of self-produced melodies and atmospheric singing choirs that are characteristic of his small and personal love songs. The following year, the focus was mainly on the live show and he was in the final of the Grand Prix of the Netherlands, after which he continued with a tour through the Netherlands during the Popronde. In 2019, the singer released his new EP "Searching In The Dark Goes Not Lukken Zonder Licht". On the new EP he shows how broadly oriented he is when he goes in search of his Cape Verdean roots on Mama Zei and sings candidly on the ballad Laat Het Los to the accompaniment of only a piano and beautiful strings. According to 3voor12, it is a miracle that Joël has not yet broken through with the general public. Noisey, Vice's leading music site, also noticed Joël Domingos at an early stage; his debut single Wij zijn was premiered there and his music can often be found in the playlists of Spotify. You have to experience how that sounds during a show. “We really want to bring out the 'you should have been there' feeling. Every show is different, but it is unique and genuine. ” Good vibes guaranteed!

The warm sound is even better on stage than in the studio. During a show by Joël Domingos, the productions come to life by a full band and two backing vocalists. His tracks are all given a new look and that makes the show very dynamic; one time he forces you to listen to his story and the next moment the band makes the audience dance to an energetic song. Performing is in his blood. “I enjoy playing live the best. On record, things are less sincere and you might record a sentence twenty times before it sounds good. Live, you get into the music much more as a performing artist and as a listener. What happens live can no longer be reproduced exactly like that. ”