John S About

Rapper within the collective “Ninja Squad”, John S is originally from Yvelines. Also a member of the group “Secteur VII”, he regularly releases new songs on Sound cloud and is currently working on the development of several projects.

Before being a rapper, John S was first guitarist in several metal bands: Radical dreamers (2006 - 2009 Symphonic / melodic metal), Sin Inside (2010 -
2012 Metalcore) and LNT (2011 - 2013 rap metal). It was within LNT that he wrote his first rap lyrics, since it was rapper Swenz (also a member of the ninja squad) who was at the microphone in the group, John S writing the lyrics for this one. Swenz not being able to continue the adventure, John S gives up his role of guitarist (and will be replaced) to take that of singer / rapper.

Following this, John S will found the rap group “Secteur VII” with Swenz and will meet Myk following a wild open mic on Bercy. Myk then joined the group, oriented boom bap new old school which was all the rage at that time in 2013.

It was in 2017 that John S joined the ninja squad, a collective founded by Swenz. Very influenced by rock and metal, John S is an artist who offers a mix between these two universes. With a great experience in both genres, John S shines in a universe both dark and tinged with hope, mainly offering banger pieces of great energy. Highly referenced geek culture (manga, japanimation, video games and cinema), John S is just as capable of launching into worked flows and incisive rhymes, as in “screams” of metalheads or very melodic rock vocals. John S particularly appreciates the quality of writing, skilled in puns and metaphor punchlines, you have to pay particular attention to his lyrics, as long as you understand his references.

In 2018 John S released his first EP “Black Ep” which contains 12 tracks + 1 bonus. Available on all streaming platforms but also Sound Cloud, Bandcamp etc

In 2019 John S associated with rapper Kaaly founded the collective “Friday the 13th”, oriented dark trap.

John S Albums

Black EP Black EP John S Released September 28, 2018 4 6